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It has been medically proven that a nap boosts up your energy, refreshes your body, relaxes and comforts you during the day time.

Our nap tool helps you take a nap easily and conveniently at any time. All what you have to do is just hit the NAP button and relax. You donít need to lay down on bed for a nap; it can be done by sitting comfortably on the chair and closing your eyes. Excessive nap periods can defeat the purpose of having a nap. A decent nap can range between 5 to 15 min. The purpose of nap is not to fall a sleep but to relax for a moment, regain energy and refresh your body and mind.

So get the nap tool, press the button and relax. It will automatically and calmly remind you about when to open your eyes or to resume your duties. No need to adjust the time or alarm or any other settings.

This revolutionary tool can make the difference between achieving your duties during the day time and falling behind.

Have a great nap.

The Nap Tool team
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